P for Puppets at the Coop School

We are super exited for our next show at The Coop School at Fort Greene Brooklyn
this coming June the 20st. 
We hope all the coop school preschoolers will have a great time with us!

The Co-op School (http://www.thecoopschool.com) was founded in 2003 by a group of parents who saw the need for a high quality and affordable preschool option in the Clinton Hill and Fort Greene neighborhoods. In nine years the Co-op School has matured from a small, parent-run playgroup to a fully staffed and licensed non-profit school. The Co-op School is a parent-aided organization where “cooperative” means just that: students’ families are responsible for the development, fundraising and maintenance of the school. Spanish Storytime was started by a Co-op parent, seeking to provide more language opportunities for students. The preschool is excited to welcome P for Puppets as the culiminating performers for the pilot season of Spanish Storytime.